CH4O or CH3OH: methyl alcohol, carbinol

Supplier of methanol

Methanol is the simplest monatomic alcohol, appears as a colorless, volatile liquid. Poisonous and contaminant matter.


Methanol, as an important ingredient, used to make a wide variety of chemicals, including Acetic acid.


Methanol also used as an industrial solvent for inks, resins, adhesives, paints, plastics and dyes.

Formalin, an aqueous solution of Formaldehyde, is made from Methanol. Formaldehyde, which is produced from Methanol, is necessary to make pentaerythritol, needed in the production of resins, lacquers and enamels, lubricants, and Styrofoam.


Recently, methanol is increasingly used as fuel for marine vessels, as more environmentally friendly.

Methanol also is an alternative fuel or biofuel for internal combustion and other engines.



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Industries of methanol uses

  • Additive and admixture
  • Pure chemicals or ingredients
  • Solvent
  • Chemical reaction regulator
  • Wood industry
  • Heavy duty cleaner
  • Construction and building materials (e.g. flooring, tile, sinks, bathtubs, mirrors, wall materials/drywall, wall-to-wall carpets, insulation, playground surfaces)
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Crosslinker
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Adhesive removers
  • Paint or lacquer thinners
  • Formulations used as part of a process, or in a piece of equipment (e.g. lubricants, adhesives, sealants, oils, paints, coatings)
  • Fuels

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