Abrasives industry

Raw material supplier to the abrasives industry

The abrasives industry is primarily concerned with the manufacture of abrasive tools, such as so-called "sandpaper" and abrasive cloth, but also brushes with abrasive bristles.


For the manufacture of such tools, hard material grains are required which should be both thermally and chemically resistant. Especially when machining hardened surfaces there is no alternative to grinding, which is why the abrasives industry is regarded as the forerunner for other important branches of industry.

Raw materials used in the abrasives industry

Hardness and toughness, but also heat resistance, are decisive properties that a material must fulfil for the abrasives industry. EKC.AG offers its customers industrial raw materials with precisely these specifications. For example, our range of raw materials includes corundum and calcined bauxite. Simply ask our experts about the material you need!

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