Refractory industries

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In the refractory industry, refractory materials are indispensable for all industrial processes that require higher temperatures. They provide the basis for the production of steel, aluminium, copper, glass, lime, cement and ceramics.


They also make it possible to crack crude oil or thermally recycle waste. A material is referred to as refractory from a softening point (pyrometric cone equivalent) of more than 1500 °C.

Minerals and fuels used in the refractory industry

Among the materials that fulfil the property of fire resistance are chrome ore sand, graphite, mullite, fine corundum and normal corundum. Coke and coal serve as energy sources. Our worldwide sourcing enables us to meet our high quality requirements for the raw materials we supply. Supplemented by our seamless, reliable logistics, we can offer you as our customer a unique service.


This provides many advantages to you! In addition to the continuous, personal support of our customers and the handling of the acceptance, transport and handover of goods, we offer you careful control and monitoring of the numerous execution stages of the logistics process and constantly check the possibilities for optimising your expenses and transport routes. With us, you have a reliable partner who offers you a complete logistics solution. This saves you valuable time and energy, which you can invest in your core business.


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