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High-quality anthracite coal has the highest carbon content of all types of coal with up to 97 percent carbon. As a result, this high-energy fuel also has the highest energy value. The next stage of compression by heat and pressure is then graphite. The almost residue-free combustion in combination with the high energy content of anthracite makes this coal very popular as a comparatively environment-friendly fuel.


The properties of anthracite include its unusual hardness, a low content of volatile components, smoke-free combustion, low flammability and low ash, oxygen and water content. In addition, the flame of anthracite coal burns particularly hot. Anthracite coal owes its name to its grey, shiny metallic colour.


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Under pressure and exclusion of air, natural anthracite coal is produced from plant-based raw materials in the so-called coalification process. It has the highest degree of charring among all types of coal. Today anthracite comes mainly from China, the former SU, North and South Korea, Spain and Germany.


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Use of anthracite

Due to its excellent heating properties, anthracite is ideally suited as a fuel, but it can also be used as a raw material for industrial carbon.


Anthracite coal is therefore mainly used as a heating and reducing agent in private and commercial applications, such as retort firing, but also in combined heat and power plants. Anthracite also plays an important role in the production of synthesis gas and electrode manufacture.

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