Steel industry

Raw material supplier to the steel industry

Steel is not only one of the world's most widely produced materials, it is also one of the most important construction materials for technology. There are now more than 2500 types of steel, most of which are made of iron and offer a wide range of applications.


This indispensable material is particularly needed in the construction and transport industries and in the manufacture of tools and machines.

Raw materials & logistics used in the steel industry


Among the important raw materials required in the steel industry are aluminium ore bauxite (raw and calcined), coal, coke as fuel or graphite as additive. Your raw material supplier, ekc.ag, offers you as our customer a large selection of different raw materials and their designs, which are available to you through international logistics management. Our value-added chain extends from the extraction/sourcing of your raw material orders and their transport to storage or delivery at your designated destination. Naturally, our comprehensive service also includes the processing and refinement of the raw materials, packaging and customs clearance.


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