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The feldspar group of minerals is particularly widespread throughout the world, as it contains half of all minerals in the earth's crust. The feldspar mineral group is divided into two further groups: potassium feldspar and plagioclase.


Potassium feldspars are characterised by their high sodium and potassium content, while plagioclase is extremely rich in calcium and sodium. The feldspar types vary both in their chemical composition and in their original melting temperature, which is considerably higher in plagioclase. Feldspar sand, also called pegmatite, consists of quartz and kaolin in addition to feldspar.


Thanks to its white-firing properties, this sand is often used in the manufacture of porcelain, tiles and sanitary ceramics.


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Feldspar is an important raw material that is mined in almost 50 countries. EKC.AG, which has a particularly efficient supply chain, takes care both of the fulfilment of your feldspar requirements as well as the optimal logistical solution. A customer-oriented, personal and expert support for our customers from planning and ordering to delivery is a matter of principle for us as an integrated raw material service provider.


Our proven, worldwide partner network enables us to provide reliable, scheduled and resource-conserving procurement and logistics from the mine to your destination.


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EKC.AG: Use of feldspar

Feldspar is particularly popular in the ceramic industry. In addition to quartz and kaolin, feldspar is an important component of porcelain production. The mineral is also used in glass production, for example as a sintering and melting agent. The insulation industry uses the mineral feldspar in the production of mineral wool, while the electrical industry uses this material as an insulator.

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