Silicon industry

Quartz supplier for the silicon industry

Silicon is a very valuable material in a wide variety of industrial areas. For example, this semi-metal is used in metallurgy as a master alloy, in solar cells, computer chips and silicones.


The silicon industry is therefore an indispensable branch of industry that produces silicon, which is in high demand and must have a certain degree of purity.

Raw materials of the silicon industry

Quartz, which is pure silicon dioxide, is needed to produce silicon. The raw material is processed into raw silicon under high heat. Depending on its intended application, this raw silicon is then subjected to further processing steps in order to obtain semiconductor silicon, solar silicon or similar. Charcoal is a popular fuel in this industry.


We, the raw material supplier and service provider EKC.AG, supply you reliably and quickly with quartz and other materials. From the extraction and sourcing of your raw material to processing, transport and customs clearance - we take care of all logistical tasks for you!

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