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Green. Hard. Refractory. Olivine from the raw material supplier EKC.AG.

Olivine and Olivine Sand for Industry

The relatively hard olivines owe their name to their mostly greenish colour. Olivine or the olivine group is a collective term for minerals and includes a series of mixed crystals. As olivine sand, olivine is a good alternative to the common moulding sand: quartz sand.


The major advantages of olivine include its reusability, fire resistance, resistance to high pressures and low risk of slagging.

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Olivines are abundant on earth, as they are the main component of the upper earth mantle. We, the raw material supplier ekc.ag source our olivine from Turkey. Thanks to our consolidated, global network, we are able to guarantee you an integrated, long-term and reliable supply of raw materials.


Our well-developed value-added chain offers you an all-round service from dismantling and the desired packaging to transport, customs clearance, and delivery at your destination. We place great value on expert customer care, optimized strategies and efficient implementation. We handle your resources responsibly in order to get the absolute maximum out of them for you!


With the best quality, competitive prices and excellent logistics around the globe, we are the contact for your olivine deliveries.


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Use of olivine in industry

In industry, olivine is used to produce heat-resistant glass and refractory materials. This mineral is also used for the production of iron ore pellets and as a catalyst in wood gasification processes. Thanks to its high heat storage capacity, olivine also increases the power-to-weight ratio in lithium-ion batteries and is suitable for night storage heating systems. In the foundry industry, olivine sand is used as moulding sand which, in contrast to quartz sand, does not pose a risk of silicosis to workers. Due to its beneficial effects to fire resistance, the construction materials industry also uses olivine as an additive in building materials.

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