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The world never stands still. In a constantly growing and changing world, the energy needs of countries and companies around the world are growing year on year. New, special coal products for high-tech production are also needed to achieve the required purity. We at ekc.ag see it as our task to cover this growing demand as efficiently as possible.


Our main focus is on coke and coal, carburising agents as well as niche and special products, which are supplemented by appropriate processing, refining, storage and reliable, comprehensive logistics including quality assurance. In addition to the concentrated raw materials coal and coke as well as their variants, our range of solid fuels also includes anthracite, charcoal, petroleum coke and LNG / LPG.


We offer you seamless, efficient procurement and logistics - so that you can concentrate on your core business!

Comprehensive service when it comes to raw materials

We are in possession of our own mines, exclusive marketing agreements and long-term supply contracts with our partners from Russia, Europe, Asia, the CIS States and Africa. Through direct and continuous contact with our business partners, we can guarantee a complete implementation of your requirements, individual requirements and quality standards in the solid fuels sector.


For our customers, we take over the entire supply chain from extraction or procurement at the site of origin, via shipping and rail transport, customs clearance, and if necessary processing and storage, to provision at the destination or retrieval from storage, and finally hedging / financing. This provides you with enormous added value and, thanks to the perfect interplay of the processes and years of experience, is always cheaper for you than self-procurement.


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