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Refractory bauxite, also known as calcined bauxite, is produced by sintering raw bauxite at more than 1500 °C. This results in a high aluminium content and a low degree of impurity. As a result, calcined bauxite has a high aluminium content and a low degree of impurity, which makes this raw material particularly heat-resistant.


Calcined bauxite is therefore one of the most important raw materials for the manufacture of shaped and unshaped refractory products for many industries.


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Efficient bauxite delivery by EKC.AG

As a supplier of raw material minerals, we source our bauxite from Turkey (our own mine for raw bauxite), India, China, Brazil and Guyana. In addition to the procurement of the bauxite, our services also include processing, storage and financing as well as the complete bulk goods logistics by ship, rail or truck.


We find the best logistic solution for a fast and precise delivery of your bauxite order and realise and coordinate it. We are at your disposal as your personal contact at all times, offering careful control and monitoring of the execution stages and constantly checking the possibilities for optimising your expenditure and transport routes.


Rely on years of experience and our global, reliable network for your bauxite delivery.


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Value chain

Use of bauxite

Aluminium ore bauxite can be found in a variety of applications. As calcined bauxite, this raw material is a central raw material in the refractory industry thanks to its highly refractory properties. This versatile mineral is also in demand in steel production as slag conditioner, in the production of refractory aluminium oxide cement, in road construction, in mineral wool production and as welding powder.

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