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Exclusive sales rights and long-term supply contracts.

EKC.AG: Premium quality, delivery reliability and efficient logistics

In addition to our headquarters in Würzburg, Lower Franconia, and a branch in Moscow, our company has agencies in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Yekaterinburg and Tianjin, China. We have our own mines and production facilities as well as exclusive sales rights and long-term supply contracts with our partners from all over the world. We can therefore guarantee our customers a stable, reliable and long-term supply of the necessary raw materials as well as worldwide, flawless logistics.

Philosophy of EK-COMPANY AG (EKC.AG)

We now have 17 employees who, in addition to first-class industry knowledge, also have many years of experience in the production, processing, distribution and trade as well as transport and logistics of industrial minerals and energy resources. We attach great importance to personal contact, honesty, reliability and customer confidence. Constant product quality, market-driven prices and fair services complete our service.


We must always remain honest and stand by our word. The good old businessman's word still applies to us.

Evgeny Porokhnya, CFO

Vladimir Platunov, CEO


EK-COMPANY (EKC.AG) was founded in 2006 as "Europakontakt e.K." by the entrepreneur Vladimir Platunov (today CEO of EKC.AG).

We began by helping German companies find suppliers of certain raw materials, particularly in the CIS states. Large and medium-sized companies such as ThyssenKrupp and Evonik rely on our industry expertise and good relationships.


However, the economic crisis in 2009 forced us to reorient ourselves. Instead of continuing to broker business contacts, we positioned ourselves as an independent trading house and expanded our sources of supply beyond the CIS states. We specialised in the business fields of industry and energy, coal, coke & LNG/LPG, and industrial minerals such as chrome ore, bauxite, magnesite, graphite and quartz.


Due to extremely positive developments, we are now a globally active raw materials trader specialising in energy and industrial resources and also take over the entire logistics, financing and warehousing for our customers!

  • 01.10.2006
    Foundation of Europakontakt e.K.
  • 01.01.2008
    Conversion into Europakontakt GmbH & Co. KG
  • 05.2010
    Change of name to EK-COMPANY GmbH & Co. KG and transformation into a raw materials trader in the minerals and solid fuels sector.
  • 07.2010
    First cooperation with international industrial companies
  • 06.2011
    Sales: 100,000 t and first milestone as raw material trader
  • 10.2011
    Opening of an office in Moscow
  • 02.2012
    Sold: 200.000t
  • 09.2012
    ISO 9001:2010 Certification
  • 11.2012
    Cooperation with over 6 mine operators
  • 05.2013
    Sold: 300.000t
  • 08.2014
    Sold: 400.000t
  • 13.06.2016
    ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • 01.10.2016
    10th anniversary of the company history
  • 09.11.2016
    Conversion into a stock corporation (AG) and introduction of the "EKC.AG" brand
  • 12.2016
    Sale: 500.000t

Top Innovator 2020

In June 2020, EKC.AG was named one of this year’s top innovators by compamedia GmbH. Our company thus joined the top 100 of the most innovative mid-size enterprises in Germany.


Download as PDF (German):


Innovationsbilanz PM Zum Innovations-Champion gekürt


Buchporträt PM Top 100-Siegel


EKC.AG Top 100 Distinction: Video Presented by compamedia GmbH (German)


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

EKC.AG always adheres to professionalism and quality, even in daily routine work, and we always meet the latest standards. This also applies to the ISO standard.


EKC.AG is now certified according to the new guidelines of the ISO 9001 standard, namely ISO 9001:2015.


Download as PDF:


ISO 9001:2015 ENGLISH

CrefoZert credit rating certificate

With us at EKC.AG, you are on the safe side! This is now also confirmed by the CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate. This makes us one of the under 2% of German companies with exceptional creditworthiness.


Security, future, trust - that's what we offer you!


Download CrefoZert PDF

Our corporate structure



Vladimir Platunov


Responsible for fuels:

LNG & LPG, petroleum coke, coal


Languages: German, Russian


Telephone: +49 931 666878-15
Fax: +49 931 666878-29
E-mail: vp@ekc.ag



Evgeny Porokhnya
CFO & General Sales Manager


Responsible for minerals:

Graphite, Magnesite, Chrome-ore, Corundum


Languages: German, Russian, English


Telephone: +49 931 666878-10
Fax: +49 931 666878-29
E-mail: ep@ekc.ag



Adrien Petite
Senior Sales Manager


Responsible for Minerals:



Languages: French, Spanish, English, Greek


Telephone: +49 931 666878-17
Fax: +49 931 666878-29
E-mail: ap@ekc.ag





Sergey Krauter
Senior Sales Manager


Responsible for Minerals:

Bauxite(raw), Bauxite (Calcined), Feldspar, Mulmte, Olivine, Quartz & Quartzite, Other minerals


Languages: German, Russia, English


Telephone: +49 931 666878-22
Fax: +49 931 666878-29
E-mail: sk@ekc.ag



Oleg Krylov
Sales Manager


Responsible for Combustibles:

Coke, Anthracite, Charcoal, other fuels


Languages: German, Russian, Polish, English


Telephone: +49 931 666878-24
Fax: +49 931 666878-29
E-mail: ok@ek-resources.com



Baiba Reischl
Assistant to the management


Contact person of EKC.AG



Languages: German, Russian, English, Latvian


Telephone: +49 931 666878-28
Fax: +49 931 666878-29
E-mail: br@ekc.ag



Headquarter in Germany

Waltherstr. 9
DE-97074 Würzburg


Tel.: +49 931 666878-0
Fax: +49 931 666878-29
E-Mail: info@ekc.ag



Headquarters in Russia


Vozdvizhenka St. 10

3rd floor, office #368
RU-125009 Moscow


Tel.: +7 495 7973732
Fax: +7 495 7973636
E-Mail: info@ek-resources.com