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Coke as a fuel

Coke is a frequently used fuel consisting mainly of carbon and is produced in special industrial plants, coking plants, usually from hard coal under high heat and oxygen exclusion. This process makes coke a low-gas fuel which, unlike hard coal, also has a low sulphur content. Coke must also be solid, lumpy and porous, especially for iron production.


No matter for which industry and for which purpose - EKC.AG takes care of your specific coke delivery and handles all necessary steps from extraction/sourcing to delivery.


You can rely on our long-standing experience and know-how when it comes to supplying raw materials!

Blast furnace coke, foundry coke, coke breeze and more - raw material supplies from EKC.AG

Deliveries of coke of all kinds - with us,, you will find the right raw material for your needs. We offer blast furnace and foundry coke, coke breeze, metallurgical coke and more. Depending on the area of application and your wishes, you can choose between a wide variety of grain sizes, brands and preparations.


Coke products come from our supply channels in Europe, Russia, Colombia and Asia, and are delivered to your destination safely and on schedule on request thanks to our logistical experience. We take care of every step for you, from procurement and processing to transport, customs clearance and financing.


Contact us and allow our competent staff to advise you now!

Value chain

Industrial usage of coke

Depending on the size of the coke, coke and coke breeze are used as fuel in blast furnaces and foundries or as small crushed coke for heating purposes. In the iron and steel industry, coke is used both as fuel and reducing agent. In contrast to hard coal, combustion releases less sulphur, soot and smoke, which would contaminate the iron. As a result of the global increase in steel, insulation and foundry production, the demand for coke continues to grow and many countries are already dependent on coke imports. This is exactly where we act as a diversified coke supplier.

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