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The semi-metal graphite, which like diamonds consists of pure carbon, can be recognised by its grey-black streaks and the matt, silver-metallic sheen. This commonly occurring mineral, which has the shape of small crystals, is considered to be one of the softest minerals.


In addition to the mining of natural graphite both above and below ground, synthetic production of the raw material from coal and crude oil is also possible. Graphite is not acid-soluble, but it is refractory, since it only becomes plastically ductile at temperatures of about 2500 °C and liquid at about 3750 °C. In addition, lubricity and electrical conductivity are among the characteristic properties of graphite that make this mineral indispensable for a wide variety of industries.


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Procurement and logistics of graphite

Natural graphite is formed as a crystalline form of carbon in magma and metamorphic and carbon-rich rock and is mined worldwide. The graphite of EKC.AG comes from China, Brazil, Russia, and Mozambique, which are among the largest producing countries of this raw material.


Our comprehensive service offers you a complete supply chain including optimised logistics for various graphite forms. Permanent and competent support and the constant optimisation of the logistic process are a matter of principle for us.


As a professional raw material trader we take over the processing and packaging as well as the complete handling of logistical assignments for you. We find the optimal solution and implement it reliably and efficiently!

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Use of graphite: refractory, steel, electrical industry, etc.

One of the best known applications of graphite as a raw material is probably the processing into pencil leads. But above all graphite is frequently used as an industrial mineral. It is used in the refractory and casting industries and also as an additive in steel production. The raw material is also used as black printing ink, for the production of brake linings, as lubricant or in batteries and rechargeable batteries (E-Mobility), for radiation protection in reactor technology or in the electrical industry. The main application of flake graphite is the production of refractory products.


EKC.AG offers various flake graphite qualities with a carbon content of 85 to 99 percent.

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