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The rare mineral mullite, which liquefies only at temperatures above 1800 °C, belongs to the mineral class of island silicates and consists of small, prism-shaped crystals. This raw material is produced by the homogeneous mixture and melting of refractory bauxite and kaolin. The standard products consist of 45, 47, 60 or 70 % aluminium oxide.


This mineral owes its use in the refractory industry, as well as in others, to its high resistance to high temperatures, good wear resistance and high creep resistance. In addition, the refractory raw material mullite has low thermal expansion and low thermal conductivity. The deposits of natural mullite are found in foreign rock inclusions in basalts and basaltic slags.

Mullite supplier Reliable procurement and logistics

EK-Company, as mineral supplier, obtains its mullite from China. We handle the entire supply chain for you from the point of purchase to your destination, including all organisational steps such as customs clearance, processing and storage of your mullite order. With our proven and reliable relationships throughout the world, we provide you with the best possible service when it comes to the procurement and logistics of minerals and raw materials.


We can supply you with mullite and sintered mullite as well as their variations. You can choose between various grain sizes, brands, formulations and desired packaging. We also offer you optimal logistical planning, coordination and execution.


Our experts in raw materials and logistics will be happy to advise you at any time!


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Mullite - a mineral with many applications

The refractory mineral mullite is a very versatile raw material. The crystals are used, for example, as the main constituent of many refractory materials, such as mullite bricks or fireclay in the steel and glass industry. This is mainly due to the heat-resistant properties of mullite, which can be used up to temperatures of 1200°C with no problems. The rare raw material mullite is also used as an essential porcelain component or carrier material in the production of catalysts. Mullite is also a cost-effective alternative to aluminium oxide, which also exhibits better thermal shock resistance.

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