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Refractory moulding sand. Chrome ore sand from the raw material supplier 

Chrome ore sand for the refractory industry

In addition to ferrochrome production, chromium ore, also known as chromite, is also used in the refractory and metallurgical industries. Its resistance to fire of up to 1900 °C, good gas permeability and low thermal expansion combined with good thermal conductivity make this raw material an effective barrier to molten metal compared to other moulding sands.


Furthermore, in contrast to the alternative quartz sand, there is no risk of developing silicosis when using the raw material chrome ore sand. Chrome ore sand is obtained from chromite (chrome iron ore), which is processed into chromite sand with the aid of liquid binders after extraction from natural deposits.

EKC.AG: Procurement and logistics of chrome ore (chromite)

About two thirds of chrome ore deposits are located in South Africa. And we bring the raw material reliably, quickly and efficiently from South Africa to its destination! Thanks to our many years of experience as a supplier of refractory minerals, moulding sands and other materials, we can guarantee you the highest product quality with the best service in procurement and logistics thanks to our highly developed value chain.


Our seamless network, which spans the entire globe, offers security, flexibility and optimal coordination for our customers. Whether by ship, rail or HGV, we responsibly transport all orders for our raw material products from the respective mining areas to their destination. At the same time, we continuously coordinate logistics with optimisation measures in order to conserve your resources in the best possible way. We attach great importance to a continuous, flexible customer service with more than just the necessary know-how!


Our product range includes a wide variety of qualities from various regions (AFS 45-55, AFS 60-80, chemical, refractory and metallurgical grade).


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Chain value

Chrome ore sand for industry

Chrome ore is the basic material for magnesia chrome or chrome magnesite bricks and compounds in the refractory sector, but it also serves as premium moulding sand in foundries and the metallurgical industry. The repeated use of black sand in the foundry and refractory industry can be made possible by magnetic separators, which separate the chromite sand from the normal sand and thus make it recyclable as model or core sand.

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