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Charcoal as a fuel forms as soon as dry wood is heated in the absence of air. Due to the special properties of the surface of charcoal, which enables it to bind unwanted organic substances, charcoal is also utilised as activated charcoal. Due to the charcoal's low-smoke and low-flame but hot method of burning, it is also well-suited to, for example, forge fires, chemical processes and leisure purposes.


Charcoal has metal oxide-reducing properties and is also low in ash and sulphur. We at EKC.AG are the specialists in the field of coal, coke and its derivatives - which means you as our customers profit! After all, raw material services from procurement to logistics to financing are our business.


Our extensive, proven network, which extends across the entire globe, makes our comprehensive service efficient, resource-saving and reliable.

Charcoal - procurement and logistics by EKC.AG

The smooth, reliable and efficient supply chain from extraction/sourcing to delivery and financing - this is what makes us, the raw material supplier EKC.AG, stand out. We also handle processing and refinement for you, as well as transport and customs clearance of your order.


With our experience, the commitment of our expert staff and our international, proven network, we are proud to be able to offer you as our customer an all-encompassing, seamless service. Leave the time-consuming and labour-intensive process of sourcing and logistics of your required raw materials to us so that you can concentrate fully on your core business!


Allow us to advise you on raw materials and their procurement and logistics!

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Charcoal from EKC.AG: Application

As activated charcoal, charcoal filters and cleans a wide variety of substances. It is used, for example, as a clarifier or absorber for salts, dyes, odours and the like. The fuel is of course also used as an energy supplier in industrial applications.

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