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Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate or disodium tetraborate, is a mineral and a salt of boric acid. With the chemical formula Na2[B4O5(OH)4]-8H2O, it occurs naturally in evaporative deposits in seasonal lakes. Borax is of great importance for its many applications in various branches of industry and is used both in its natural form and after processing into other boron compounds.


Glass and ceramics industry

Borax is used as a flux in glass and ceramic production to lower melting temperatures, improve the viscosity of the melt and increase the chemical resistance of the end product. In glass fibre production, borax improves the glass fibre properties and increases resistance to water and chemical influences.


In metalworking, borax acts as a flux in soldering and welding by removing oxides and other impurities from the surface of metals. This facilitates the formation of a clean metal joint.

Fire retardant applications

Borax is added to products to increase their fire resistance. This includes a range of materials, from wood to textiles and insulation materials, where borax helps to delay the spread of flames.


We offer borax in a wide range of qualities and preparations.

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Efficient borax supply from EKC.AG


As a supplier of raw material minerals, we source our borax from China (LTA). In addition to the procurement of borax, our services also include the processing, storage and financing as well as the complete bulk goods logistics by ship, rail or lorry.

We find the best logistical solution for the fast and precise delivery of your bauxite order, and realize and coordinate it. We are always available to you as a contact partner, offer careful control and monitoring of the execution stages and constantly check the optimization options for your expenditure and transport routes.


You can rely on our many years of experience and our global, reliable network for your borax delivery.

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Use of borax:

Borax is widely used in industry due to its chemical properties, which make it useful for various processes and products. We mainly supply the insulation industry with this product, as borax is used in the insulation industry due to its fire-retardant and fungicidal properties.


Here are some specific applications and benefits of borax in the insulation industry:


  • Fire protection: borax is added to insulation materials to increase their fire resistance. It works by melting when heated and forming a glass-like layer that protects the underlying material from flames. This property is particularly important in construction applications where improved fire resistance contributes to safety.
  • Fungus and mould resistance: The fungicidal properties of borax make it effective in protecting insulation materials against fungal and mould infestation. This is particularly important in damp or susceptible environments to ensure the longevity and hygiene of insulation materials.
  • Pest control: Borax can also help to protect insulation materials from pests such as termites and beetles. The toxic effect on such pests helps to maintain the structural integrity and insulation performance of the material over time.
    Processing and safety: During the manufacture of insulation materials, borax can be easily incorporated into the materials without significantly affecting the physical properties.

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