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Coal - a fossil energy source with many possibilities. As a result, this important fuel, which meets about 40 percent of the world's electricity needs, is used in many industrial sectors around the world. General coal reserves cover the entire globe, with the USA, Russia, China, Australia and Africa having the largest coal reserves.


Our company maintains exclusive marketing agreements, particularly with numerous Russian mines and reserves. We also have excellent sources of supply for our product range. This enables us to realise our high, self-imposed service requirements and the broad product range.


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Procurement and logistics of coal - with EKC.AG

As a global supplier of raw materials, we have mines, numerous sales rights and supply contracts at our disposal, which guarantee seamless coal procurement. The procurement of the raw material goes hand in hand with our reliable logistics. Thanks to our worldwide partnership relationships, we can thus guarantee a smooth process from the mine right through to you with the best logistical solutions in the entire supply chain.


Our logistics focus is on deliveries from Russia and the CIS States to Europe and Asia. Our offer also includes specific and worldwide "unique" types of coal from Colombia and Venezuela.


Coke and coal trading is our business!

Value chain

Coal supplier EKC.AG: Industries and applications

Coal is mainly used for power generation in the fuel industry, but is also the fuel of steel production, cement production and other important industries. Coking coal, a specific form of hard coal, is also used as a raw material for the production of coke. We offer coal as a fuel in various qualities, grades and granulations.

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