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Liquefied natural gas is available in various forms. LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas, i.e. natural gas liquefied by means of pressure and cold, which is manufactured for transport and storage purposes. Liquefied petroleum gas is also the liquid gas that remains liquid even at room temperature and low compression.


It consists of propane or butane, which is transported by ship, rail or road to dealers, gas tanks or filling stations. When used as a fuel, LPG is also referred to as LPG. LNG and LPG can replace fossil fuels such as coal or petrol, making it a good contribution to climate protection.


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EKC.AG: Procurement and logistics of LNG and LPG

LPG is mainly produced by extracting natural gas and oil. LNG and LPG usually have to travel long distances in order to reach their destination. We at EKC.AG have been internationally active in the procurement and logistics of raw materials for several years. This enables us to offer you a wide range of know-how, points of purchase and possibilities for the logistical implementation of your order.


Reliable, efficient working methods and scheduled deliveries of your liquid gas orders are guaranteed by our established supply chain, which in addition to procurement also includes logistical processing, customs clearance, storage and other services.


When ordering LNG and LPG, you can rely on the experience, knowledge and reliable network of EKC.AG!

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Use of LNG and LPG

LPG and LNG are mainly used as fossil fuels for heat generation, such as heating, cooking, scorching, soldering and tinning. LPG is also popular as a propellant and refrigerant. Cars with gasoline engines can be fuelled with LPG at filling stations, which is a much more environmentally friendly alternative than petrol. The trend to also use natural gas as CNG fuel is also increasingly growing.

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