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Petroleum coke, a very high-carbon, low-ash solid, is formed during crude oil processing. In dried form, cleaned of volatile components, the raw material is also referred to as calcine or calcined petroleum coke.


Green coke, on the other hand, still contains hydrocarbons. For foundry and steel products with the highest quality requirements, graphitised petroleum coke, which consists of more than 99 % carbon, offers the best conditions.


The general rule for petroleum coke is: the higher the carbon content, the higher the quality of the petroleum coke.


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Petroleum coke, calcinate, green coke, graphitized petroleum coke and Co. - the EKC.AG

No matter what type of petroleum coke - we, EKC.AG as a raw material supplier, deliver your order to your destination in an uncomplicated and reliable way. Your petroleum coke delivery passes through our sophisticated supply chain. This begins with the sourcing and processing of the petroleum coke, continues through transport and customs clearance with optional storage, and ends with delivery to its destination and the corresponding financing.


Continuous control and monitoring of logistical implementation, ongoing optimisation of transport routes and continuous, expert customer support are, of course, part of our comprehensive service. We offer you the opportunity to concentrate on your main business while we take the procurement and logistics of your raw materials into our experienced, responsible hands in the background.


We will be pleased to advise and inform you about the various possibilities in logistics and procurement of petroleum coke of all kinds.

Value chain

Use of petroleum coke

In metallurgy, and mostly in steel and aluminium production, petroleum coke is used as an energy supplier. In addition, the calcinate serves as a basis in the manufacture of brake linings and as a basic material in the production of carbon electrodes in the aluminium industry. In addition, calcined and graphitised petroleum coke and green coke are used for carburising in the steel industry. Green coke is also used in industrial heat generation.

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